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I gave up Christianity, because you bothered me so much about it. For years and years, I tried so hard: 
  • I taught Bible classes to both kids and adults, and stayed true to the message even though I was beginning to have doubts,
  • I updated and expanded a church library,
  • I listened to preachers in the pulpit, really listened, (Maybe that was the mistake.)
  • I chaired a Mission & Society committee twice, and during the second three-year term, led the congregation in sponsoring more than a hundred refugees fleeing the camps in Cambodia.
  • I chaired a church Finance committee even though, at that time, I knew little about finance. I learned fast!
  • Over the years, I was a member of numerous congregations, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and even a non-denominational Christian church overseas,
  • I was a foster parent  and became involved in other "good deeds,"
  • And on and on and on....
I can no longer tolerate listening to the myths and presumptions that emanate from the "true believers" preaching from the pulpit. Or are they really believers in what they say? One can't be sure. When I resigned from Christianity through my local congregation, numerous fellow congregants told me  during the coffee hour after the worship service that they didn't believe in God either!

​What?!!?? I never said that! 

God (or however I am suppose to address you), I know that you are real. 
From the time that I was a little girl, I have recognized you. Nothing has changed that. But my beliefs over the years have changed tremendously. I think that the predilection of so-called believers to try to define "God" to their own satisfaction is just wrong. You stay hidden from us for reasons that we are not allowed to know. You leave us here on earth to speculate, to make up stories, to philosophize, to fantasize. 

I am left to examine my own experiences in life and try to make sense of them as best I can. Okay. I accept that, but I ask only one thing of you: that you allow me to live long enough to give it my best shot. I have a lot of questions that need looking at!

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